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    5 ways to give your home a luxurious touch in a modest budget

    04 SEP 2017


    Are you moving into a new home? Or are you bored with the old interiors and are planning to give your home a new feel and new energy but the budget is modest. We all want a high end-looking home which gives us a feel of a stay at luxury hotel. But what is it about a hotel that’s so different from our own house. Of course it has to be those expensive lightings, cotton sheets, fluffy beddings, thick pile carpets, designer interiors and synced curtains, which costs fortunes. And we all are ready to spend hard earned money on our homes, so what if we say that you don’t have to spend astronomically on the interiors to give your home luxurious feel. Yes, you read it right, we have brought some interior fixes, by using them you can give your rooms a high end look.

    A Lavish Bedroom

    Bedroom tends to be the most ignored room by homeowners as guests don’t see it but bedroom is the one room that you should not skimp on. Think of all the hotels that you have visited, you must have had seen a well-designed room, so it’s essential to give that look to your bedroom as well. The room should have king/queen size bed. Also, get a good supportive mattress and layer it in the luxury of plump down pillows and co-ordinate bed sheet with room color. Imagine the feeling of waking up every morning in a high end room!

    Opt for oversized furniture

    An oversized furniture can be super comfy and will add life to small rooms. It will add class and elegant feel to your room. Go for large lighting fixtures or pick some courageous colors, it can be very dramatic.

    Go Faux

    We all love the feel of fur blankets and throws but it’s an expensive affair. So go faux! Buy 2-3 faux fur throws and get them sewn at any local dry cleaners. Now you have custom fur blanket to drape over your bed.

    Display artwork from local artists

    Many luxury hotels have landscape paintings, which are very expensive. To give same look to your room, you can pick artwork from local artists. You can find amazing art work in your local market.

    Have fresh cut flowers

    Flowers are must to give elegant touch to your room. It’s a small trick that will make huge impact on how homey and elegant your place looks like. Don’t go to stores for fresh flowers rather pick it up from local floweriest, or how about growing it at your own place?