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    Joint venture real estate and property developers in Dubai

    19 JULY 2017


    Why do a joint venture

    Often times, we see two or more real estate developers combine their teams and brand names to come up with bigger and better projects that cater to a unique market segment or a particular region in a country or a different country all together.

    Any region that provides the opportunity to do projects in a joint venture should be studied well to ensure success and customer satisfaction.

    Why does the joint ventures real estate happen?

    Two strengths combine to form a bigger, stronger and better real estate developer:

    The main reason is to combine the strengths of two individual organizations to give the customers best in class homes and service at the best possible rates in the best possible timeframes. A joint venture is thus a launch pad to bring in the best of both and collectively benefit the buyers as well as the sellers. The buyers get the best and the sellers get to give the buyers what they want as they have a combined strength – both financially as well as from a workforce perspective.

    What one lacks, the other can cover up for:

    Most of the times, there are great designs and architects and good locations for properties but the lack of funds or capitals prevent that property to get fully developed and earn its potential. A joint venture can help overcome this problem to some extent.

    Property developers in Dubai:

    Property development – both commercial and residential, in Dubai is a huge market. With its large economy and oil dollars, this region boasts some of the super luxurious residential villas in the artificially created palm island to the majestic Burj Khalifa.

    The top developers in Dubai undoubtedly are Emaar properties, Damac properties, Nakheel properties and the Aldar properties all of whom are doing some architectural wonders in these regions.

    It makes a lot of sense to explore joint venture projects with them to begin with so that one can get an idea of the market in this region before beginning any individual projects. It will also help establish the name and credibility to your brand.

    Indian real estate developers foraying into this promising market

    After seeing tremendous success in India, some of the Indian property developers from India are exploring projects in Dubai and are determined to provide the markets there good quality and affordable houses at the best possible rates.