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    Real Estate Developers in Dubai

    24 JUNE 2017


    When thinking of real estate – both residential and commercial, buyers are often spoilt for choice. The Real Estate Developers In Dubai are responsible for this spoiling to a large extent.

    For a city like Dubai that is affluent, luxurious at the same time also conservative in its own way, creating real estate landmarks has been a trend. If a real estate developer has to establish itself in this city, a number of factors come into play.

    It is no surprise that the city has come up to its current form and glory from being a mere desert. Where there was only sand and no vegetation, a great city has now been erected. This has all been possible by the magic cast by real estate.

    Being a developer of repute, quality and ethics, Alcove Real Estate Development a real estate company has worked its way to one of the established companies in Dubai.

    When a city like Dubai is the area of operations, a couple of things must be catered to.


    The land of the Sheik’s with their petro dollars demands the best quality of all the material used in the construction of the buildings.

    Aesthetics and innovative design:

    No surprises for being home to one of the tallest buildings constructed by man – The Burj Khalifa. Construction and buildings in Dubai or for that matter the entire UAE have always wowed the visitors with their uniqueness and innovative designs.

    Gel with the surroundings:

    Any new buildings that come up must not only up the quality standards, it must appeal to the luxurious yet conservative middle-eastern culture as well. Keeping these in mind, the real estate must be able to gel with the surroundings and still be unique within. After all, if your site is going to be less than 15 minutes away from the world famous Palm Island in Dubai, it should fall in a particular category of look and feel and yet be unique.

    It would however be incorrect to make a generalized assumption that all the buyers will be from the super rich category. There will always be a set of customers who come from a different economic subset and some who will take loans from the finance companies.

    When launching a project or a scheme in these markets, studying all of these market segments plays a very important role in a lot of things like design, size and pricing. It will demand an in-depth research and will be a topic of a series of our future blog posts.