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    Residential Properties to Buy in Dubai

    07 JULY 2017


    It is said, we buy a home and we rent a house. No wonder then that a home is called our ‘own’ because that is where our heart is. That is where we always love to be.

    However due to business, or work or for investment reasons, we purchase properties in different lands. UAE is currently looked at a popular investment destination and there are ample opportunities to buy residential properties in Dubai.

    Property developers like Alcove Real Estate Development are defining the road to success in the residential landscape of Dubai.

    Here are a few things that make them stand out from the others.


    The site location is simply too good to resist. Anything that is within 20 minutes drive of the famous Burj Khalifa is definitely an address everyone would want. Not just a popular tourist destination, it also is home to the Dubai Mall which can cater to all the daily needs of a home – from bakery to toiletries.


    Using the best material and aesthetic design has been the core principles of Grovy. Giving its customers, the best value for their money is their quality principle.


    Since the projects cater to a varied group of people from the economic strata, the pricing is kept affordable yet there is no compromise on quality when it comes to the luxuries offered.

    Safety and Ethics:

    Grovy has always focused on safety and ethical work practices in all its projects. The Dubai site is no exception. You can rest assured that utmost care has been taken to ensure the safety and well being of all the workers who have built the house. Unethical practices like in habitable lodging areas and low standard of living in the workers quarters has been completely avoided in the course of obeying the laws of the land.

    Be it for investment or for own stay, Residential Properties to Buy in Dubai are being provided to the buyers and they are exploring this market with eagerness. Though it may be currently popular with celebrities and very wealthy individuals from India, it is expected to soon become affordable to anyone who has the right mindset and the readiness to make a profitable investment.